Ashalayam - House of Hope

Angela Jacobi helps to grant safety and education for Kolkatta street children

The Don Bosco Ashalayam (Sanskrit for „House of Hope") was founded by the Indian social worker and member of Salesians Father Anthony Thaiparamhil in 1986 in poor quarter Pilkhana (Calcutta-Howrah).


The Ashalayam is in Kolkata (Calcutta), one of the major cities in India. Kolkata is also known as the poorhouse of India.

The number of children and youngsters (up to 15 years) who live on the streets of Kolkatta has been estimated 100.000 by UNICEF.


Angela Jacobi from Germany has been collecting donations successfully since many years. She also regularly helps the crews in India and Burma to build and run the houses and the schools.


Spenden - Donations

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Don Bosco Ashalayam

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